Hello and Aloha! I am Irena Bliss, a facilitator and guide, inspired to help people live their most empowered and happy lives! When we expand our awareness and align with our true soul nature, we access more energy, clarity, well-being, creativity, love, joy and ease. We also learn to tune to and trust our own inner guidance and wisdom. My intention is to assist clients in aligning with their heart and soul path, and facilitate uplifting journeys to expanded awareness, freedom, joy and ease.


I am inspired to hold the highest vision for all, and use modalities that serve to expand client's physical, emotional, and energetic awareness, including: energy alignment principles, guided meditation, conscious movement, intuitive art, various healing/living arts, as well as specific intuitive guidance to support their overall well-being.


I can assist you in::

- learning to appreciate your true nature to live a life that feels 'easier', more fulfilling.

- aligning with your full soul power to experience more energy, creativity, joy, clarity.

- letting go of resistance, and flowing through changes with more ease.

- releasing fears, limiting beliefs and thought patterns from family/cultural conditioning.

- expanding awareness and learning empowering tools to master your own energy.

- creating a happier, more energized life that inspires and feels good!


Allow yourself to blossom fully. Please contact me to arrange a private session.
Learn more about sessions for individuals and groups, and more about me.


May you walk in balance and beauty.


Irena Bliss

Irena Bliss -
Guide, Facilitator,
Awareness Coach

Feel lightness and ease...