About Irena 


I am inspired to assist clients to open, expand and listen within, to create more fulfilling, empowered, and happy lives! I began my journey similarly, learning to tune in...


A serious health issue in 1998 was my 'wake-up' call inviting me to create a more authentic life. I began asking myself, what would make me happy now? And so I embarked on an inner and outer journey... I went to a surf camp in southern California (something I always wanted to do), visited Hawaii synchronously for the first time that year, and also felt the pull to shift my career. I felt drawn to painting, movement and healing arts - most of which I had little 'formal training' in. I started my Bliss Studio (Creative & Living/Healing Arts) www.aboutbliss.com simply by following what I loved! I became a certified Yoga Teacher (Kripalu Center, MA) and a certified Thai Massage therapist with a Holistic Practitioner Licence. I studied meditation and intuitive development for many years experiencing profound benefits in my own life. I studied various Hawaiian healing arts and developed my love of Hawaiian culture over many trips to the islands. I've also studied conscious dance and movement (Ecstatic/Tribal Dance, 5 Rhythms, Soul Motion, Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), Somatic Movement, Axis Syllabus, Natural Movement Pathways) and love the freeing and connective aspects of expressive movement. I continue to explore various creative, movement, and living/healing arts.


My background also started off with an Engineering education (B.A.Sc.(Honours), M.A.Sc., P.Eng.) and while working as a professional engineer for several years, I started painting to express my love of visual creativity and colour. I painted and sold one-of-a-kind painted pieces through various art shows, stores and galleries including Arts on King in Toronto. I was also a feature artist on an episode of Citytv's Cityline "Homeday", a Canadian television show. My artwork is inspired by my love of colour and imagery that serves to uplift! My visual creativity expanded to include paintings and Bliss cards, journals, bags, painted silk pieces, interior/web/graphic design and other creative services. Click here to learn more.


I blend a 'grounded physical' and 'creative intuitive' approach, as reflected in my broad range of past life experiences and as creator/owner of Bliss Creative & Healing/Living Arts services. Most importantly what I feel I offer clients is a compassionate presence, and the ability to hold a high vibration space to facilitate expanded awareness and ease, deep insights, and their highest vision!


I am also passionate about helping people create more simplicity, lightness and balance in how we live on mother earth. I created my "Calling All Outsiders" site to promote earth-friendly ideas and blog on this topic regularly.

I love Momma Earth! 30d Intentions


With clients I like to blend an intuitive and compassionate approach to create a very personalized experience. I provide keen intuitive insights along with a strong grounding in various energy alignment and expanded awareness practices, conscious movement and living/healing arts practices. I'm inspired to facilitate more ease, balance, simplicity, beauty, love and happiness through my services. I am always honoured to hold the space to assist others in their expansion and blossoming!


Please contact me for more information and to arrange a session. To learn more, also visit Irena Bliss Youtube Channel.
love and namaste,

Irena Bliss Irena Bliss

Cultivate peace.