Private Sessions 


Join me on an empowering journey...

I use an intuitive and grounded, practical approach to help you open, release, and come home to your true nature and highest vision. I am happy to facilitate your journey to expanded awareness, freedom, joy and ease. I blend: guidance (coaching, energy/vibration alignment principles, intuitive messages, listening, encouraging, clarifying); movement (expressive/conscious movement, healing/living arts); breath & energy work (breath awareness, guided meditation, Hawaiian Ha breath healing, Laulima energy work, Ho'oponopono forgiveness resolution, guided visualization and relaxation); touch (thai massage, assisted yoga), and art (journaling, intuitive/expressive art) in client-specific ways.


Enjoy life with more energy, joy, enthusiasm and playfulness. Learn to let go of resistance and what feels 'hard' - old obstacles, wounds, and limiting thought patterns and beliefs. Learn to shift your thoughts/mood and raise your energy to be aligned with more ease, clarity and creative power every day. Feel more light-hearted, happy, and peaceful. Create more simplicity and balance (pono) in your life. Learn to master your own energy through simple alignment practices. Come home to your true nature, and learn to tune into your loving inner guidance every day. Move forward in trust and ease to create a life that feels good and inspiring to you!



Appointments are arranged with the client.

One-hour phone or in-person sessions are $100.

90-minute phone appointments and in-person sessions are $120.

Payments are made in advance to book a session and are payable by cash, cheque and Paypal.
Gift certificates are also available.

Contact Irena for more information and to arrange a private session.


Pay via Paypal below:

Fee Amount

Note: If you have financial concerns, please let me know. In some cases a sliding scale may be applied.
Also, a minimum 24h notice is needed to change or cancel a scheduled appointment to avoid an administration fee, thank you.


Empower your team! Energize and expand your team or group's effectiveness, clarity, cooperation, creativity, and happiness. Custom programs are created to suit your workshop/event, and business/team's needs. Typical rates begin at $150/hr.

Contact Irena to arrange a group consultation and create a custom program to energize your team and business!

Feel lightness and ease...


The easiest gateway to our soul or source consciousness is through breath...
Take several full deep breaths - inhale deeply and exhale through the mouth with a "ha" sound.


"Inspires" means "into spirit or breath", and in ancient cultures the breath was seen as a clear gateway to spirit. In Hawaiian culture for example, the term "aloha" means "the presence of the divine is in our breath (ha) and shared between us".


Other ways of connecting to soul/ source consciousness includes meditation, movement (eg., dancing), being in nature, and all other things that you love.